About Matilda’s Lab

in 2014 I became a father to my little girl, Matilda; and as her father I take the matter of her education pretty seriously. I am a graduate of zoology, I work in a microbiology laboratory, I am a self-confessed geek and a general sponge for all things sciencey. As such, I have started to wonder how I will begin to explain the remarkable range of the world’s everyday phenomena to Matilda when she is older.

In a nutshell, this is the aim of this blog: To explain scientific principals and phenomena in such a way that a child should be able to understand it. It will be a fair while before Matilda is old enough to understand even the most simple of explanations that I will post here but there are such a lot of things to cover, and some really complex ideas to simplify, so I reckon that I need to make a head start.

Ever since Matilda was born I have hoped to create a little laboratory for her somewhere in the house where we can do some simple experiments once she is old enough. I plan to call this Matilda’s Laboratory and it therefore felt like an appropriate name for this blog.

Matilda's lab

I am publishing these blogs to the world in general because I do have a genuine passion for science and if I am capable of putting things in a way that helps other parents to explain them to their kids then I think that it is definitely something well worth sharing. There are many people who are scared by science and I can understand why this happens; especially since science often appears to have its very own language (that is sort of because it does). This is exactly the type of thing that I will try to avoid in these blogs.

If any parents have any specific questions that they would like to be dealt with then I am open to requests. I don’t claim to have all of the answers, but who said that the children were the only people who were supposed to learn anything here?

As well as the blog Matilda’s Lab also has a presence on Facebook and Twitter. I can be contacted through either of those channels, as well as through WordPress, and all new posts are shared on the social media platforms too.

Welcome aboard, I hope that you enjoy the ride.



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